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Reservoir Commercial

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Any business that operates with skill and integrity wants to be heard, wants to share its own story. A story of craftsmanship and challenges, of achievements and results.

This time, our film crew visited the Dnipropetrovsk oblast and spent time at the tank production facility of CentrReservuarServis company. And now, the company can introduce itself to a wider audience because they already have their own narrative.

We are confident that there are stories and ventures awaiting their moment in every corner of Ukraine, and we understand the great responsibility of conveying these stories correctly.

Whether it's a huge factory or a small enterprise, reach out to us, and we will help tell your story.

Production: Luminance
Director: Denis Stehnii
Producer: Antonina Sotnykova
DOP: Yevhenii Shpahin
Actor: Тимур Асланов
1AC: Yevhenii Soroka
Sound: Roman Orlovskiy
Drone: Harry Woodyson
Driver: Егорка Удовиченко
Sound FX: Vitaly Vakulenko