Meet our team

Sotnykova Antonina, producer, director

Antonina can organize complex shooting in the shortest possible time and fit into almost any budget.

She is good at managing people and delegating responsibilities, and will always find a common language with everyone, be it a child from an orphanage or an artist from Los Angeles.

Stehnii Denys, director, 1AD, screenwriter

Denys specializes in creating beautiful stories that shed light on important areas of life.

He has an extensive experience working with foreign specialists & leading projects with teams from Australia, Great Britain, Japan, Israel, Germany and the USA. He is fluent in English and has good communication skills.

Eshchenko Eugeniy, director of photography

Eugeniy is able to see the beauty in the reflection of the dirtiest puddles and capture it in such a way that it becomes a work of art.

He flew around the world to capture impressive shots for projects in the United Arab Emirates, Italy, and Georgia.